King's Model UN 2018
"Debate the World"

May 3, 2018

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May 3, 2018 


Are you a political junkie? Are you interested in current affairs?  Do you love engaging in debate?  Then you will want to be part of the KMUN conference held at King’s University College. View the agenda, and see the topics for this year to get a sense of the diverse levels of debate and wide range of subjects that delegates will be able to learn about and explore.

Registration for KMUN 2018 is now closed

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Come debate the world with us!

(image: Ben Muller)

Ben Muller

Keynote Speaker

"Will International Society be Trumped?"

Ben is an Associate Professor with the Departments of Political Science at King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario.

Ben Muller


His research and publications reflect his interdisciplinary background in international relations theory and contemporary social and political thought, covering issues from contemporary aviation security, to the increasing reliance on biometric technology and risk management in contemporary border security, to a critical security studies analysis of Hizballah.